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Is Breast Implant Revision right for me?

Are you suffering from these conditions? You may be a candidate for breast implant revision surgery if you experience any of these problems:

  • An implant deflation
  • A shell leak in your silicone implant
  • A desire to enhance implant/breast size
  • Tightening of the scar tissue, or capsular contracture, around an implant
  • Your breast implants have shifted position
  • Your breast has changed shape with stretching skin, or weight change

Dr. Wiener performs our Houston breast implant revision surgeries within the surrounding areas of Houston, including Pearland and League City, TX. Patients from all over trust Dr. Wiener to perform their surgery because of his vast knowledge with breast implant revision and personable approach.

Why Breast Implant Revision Surgery in Houston?

Breast revision surgery in Houston can correct a cosmetic problem from a previous breast augmentation. Typically, it involves removing and replacing problematic breast implants. Common problems addressed by implant revision surgery include tightened scar tissue, rippling, or implant rupture.

How long is the recovery from Breast Implant Revision?

After a breast implant revision surgery, you will notice pink scars from incisions. This may last a few weeks, but will diminish with time. Your breasts might seem firm during the swelling period, but will return to a softer feel. The first four weeks after surgery you will be at restricted activities with no exercise and no lifting over 8 pounds. Your stitches are usually absorbable and will not need removal. To improve your recovery time, it is important that you have some activity. Walking and getting up occasionally can improve your health. However, heavy physical activity should be avoided the first four weeks following surgery. You should take care and be gentle with your breasts for a month after having a breast implant revision surgery in Houston. Dr. Wiener will also give you instructions regarding physical activity.

What results can I expect from Breast Implant Revision?

Unless you gain or lose a lot of weight or become pregnant, your new breast shape should remain stable. You will experience enhanced size or new shape after your breast implant revision. Over time, the effects of aging will eventually alter the size and shape of your breasts. The weight of the implant will also affect how your breasts appear over time. Your results will be long lasting; but you should periodically visit Dr. Wiener at his office in Houston, Texas, to ensure that your implants are not encountering any problem. His office is conveniently located in Clear Lake and 11 miles South of Pasadena, TX. Dr. Wiener performs breast implant revision on patients all over Houston and the surrounding areas. If you are strongly considering this procedure and searching for the best results in breast implant revision Houston has available, contact our office to schedule your one on one consultation with Dr. Wiener. During your consultation, Dr. Wiener will go over your specific case to discover your goals and what you can expect from a breast implant revision surgery in Houston.

Dr. Thomas Wiener, MD, FACS is a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in Breast Augmentation, Breast Revision, Liposuction,
and Mommy Makeover.Dr. Wiener serves the Houston, Clear Lake, and Pearland, Texas areas.

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