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Undergoing breast augmentation can be life-changing, hopefully in the most positive sense. Women who are unhappy with their natural breast size choose to have breast augmentation to achieve a more attractive size, shape, and projection. Get all the latest facts about breast augmentation from Dr. Wiener in his 2019 Guide to Breast Augmentation in Houston, TX.

Breast Augmentation Houston

What is Breast Augmentation?

To “augment” means to make something larger. That is exactly what breast augmentation achieves. However, results can vary widely based upon the patient’s desires, the type of implant, and the skills of the plastic surgeon performing the procedure.

Breast Augmentation

If you feel that your breasts are a problem you want to resolve, you are probably a candidate for our Houston breast augmentation.

Am I a Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

If you are in good health, a non-smoker, and have reached either 18 (for saline implants) or 22 (for silicone), and want larger breasts, you are probably a good candidate for the procedure. Women undergo this procedure to enlarge breasts, to resolve breasts of uneven size, or to repair other aesthetic problems affecting breast appearance and shape.

Breast Augmentation Candidates

Small Breasts

By placing breast implants, the size of your breasts can be enhanced to a more balanced, attractive size

Uneven Breasts

If one breast is significantly larger than the other, the condition can be corrected with our Houston breast augmentation

Sagging Breasts

If your breasts sag, they can be filled out, so the upper pole of the breast is rounded, full and plump

Odd Breast Shape

Breasts that are not a consistent shape and size can be rebalanced to appear even and natural

Deflated Breasts

Your breasts can be restored after pregnancy, breastfeeding, or significant weight loss

Best Breast Augmentation Houston

What is the Cost of Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation surgery is a customized surgery and varies in cost. An average is in the range of $6,750, but can reach up to at least $15,000. The final cost depends upon what is needed in your case. It is important to keep in mind that the issue with breast augmentation is not cost, but the skill and artistry of your plastic surgeon.

Breast ImplantOptions

A critical part of a successful breast augmentation is choosing the most appropriate type of implant. You have many options in shape and size both in silicone and saline versions. Natural fat transfer can be performed as an alternative to implants.

Breast Augmentation Surgery Houston

Implant Types


Arguably the most popular type, silicone implants successfully mimic the weight, feel, and “give” of natural breast tissue. A silicone shell is pre-filled with silicone gel.


Many women choose saline implants as they have some distinct advantages, including requiring a shorter incision, often in the armpit crease. Saline implants are filled after being placed but are slightly less natural in feel when compared to silicone.

Gummy Bear

The latest development in breast implants is referred to as “gummy bear” due to the firmer texture of the gel. These implants are teardrop-shaped for a more natural appearance. They retain their shape due to the specialized “form-stable” gel.

Things to Consider


You may envision a new breast size as a bra cup size. The majority of women request a “C” cup. Breast implants are measured in ccs, or cubic centimeters. Your breast augmentation surgeon will be careful about selecting size, considering factors such as the quantity of natural breast tissue and implant placement.


If you are planning on getting our breast augmentation in Houston, TX, it is vital that you understand all aspects of the surgery, including the type of incision to be used in your case. The types include in the breast crease, around the areola, in the armpit, and through the navel.

Incision Location

The incisions to place implants are made either in the breast crease, or “inframammary,” around the nipple structure, “periareolar,” in the armpit crease, or “transaxillary,” or “transumbilical,” through the belly button, only appropriate for saline implants.


Breast implants come in only two shapes: round and teardrop-shaped (gummy bear). Round implants are the most commonly used in breast augmentation. Implants also vary in projection, with four levels of projection available. Choosing the shape that will be most attractive on your body is a critical part of planning a successful breast augmentation.

Implant Location

Accomplished breast augmentation surgeons carefully evaluate the patient’s body when planning implant placement. For women with less natural breast tissue, a submuscular placement provides superior coverage. Other women with more breast tissue may have a subglandular placement. A combination of these two techniques, or “dual-plane” may be appropriate.

Houston Breast Augmentation Surgery

Dr. Wiener & his staff are great...I had a breast augmentation 2 months ago and i am very happy with with the results

- Breast Augmentation, 28 Years Old, 2 Children

Best Breast Augmentation Surgeon Houston

Recovery Time

Plan on taking one to two weeks off work to recover. Your body needs to heal so you must not push yourself or engage in vigorous physical motions. No lifting, no stretching, and exercise is limited to the lower body. Full recovery is expected in about a month to six weeks.

Immediately After

After your breast augmentation in Houston, your breasts are bandaged and held in place with a surgical compression garment. You will be able to return home under the care of a trusted friend or family member after anesthesia has worn off.

Day of

It’s important to understand all the aspects of the day of your surgery. Surgeries are typically performed in the morning hours. Once completed, you will return home to rest. The body is in shock, your breasts will be swollen and tender, and you should rest and recuperate so your body expends its energy healing.

One Week

Many people return to work after one week of rest and recovery. The bruising and swelling are beginning to fade.

Two Weeks

The swelling is far less, bruises disappearing, and your body is in full-on healing mode. It is normal to feel some residual discomfort, numbness, and tenderness in the area.

One Month

Your new breasts are starting to look normal and settling into place. You will probably feel like revealing your new look by this time.

Three Months

Your breasts should look great by the three-month mark, with surgical scars fading. You are free to wear revealing tops, dresses, swimsuits, and lingerie with confidence.

Six Months

Your breasts now appear to be a natural part of your body and feel great. The incision sites are almost invisible.

One Year

You have fully healed, and your new breasts look and feel as if nature created them. Most patients thoroughly enjoy their enhanced figure, and shopping for clothing, swimsuits, and lingerie.

Breast Augmentation

If you feel that your breasts are a problem you want to resolve, you are probably a candidate for our breast augmentation in Houston.

What Are the Risks of Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Complications are rare if your breast augmentation is performed by a highly-skilled surgeon who uses the latest techniques. Risks include standard surgical risks such as reactions to anesthesia, infections, or excessive bleeding. Most patients find recovery to be easier than expected, with no problems.

How to Choose the Right Breast Surgeon

The risks associated with breast augmentation include infection, anesthesia reactions, excessive bleeding, hematoma (excess blood clotting within tissue). These complications are rare, but it is vital that your surgery is performed by a qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon to reduce the possibility of complications.


Ensure your surgeon has dedicated the three added years to achieve a specialty in plastic and reconstructive surgery. A fellowship-trained surgeon is considered an honor given to surgeons who exemplify consistent quality in the art of plastic surgery.


When selecting a plastic surgeon in Houston, ensure the surgeon has performed many, many successful breast augmentations. Surgical skills are honed through experience performing procedures again and again. Ensure you choose an extensively trained and experienced plastic surgeon, recognized for achieving excellent results in breast augmentation.


A plastic surgeon should allow you to view images of former patients at various stages of recovery (click here to view Dr. Wiener’s gallery of results). This helps you to have realistic expectations about what to expect, and to view the quality of the final results. Read online reviews from patients, as they can be revealing.


One of the most critical points in choosing a plastic surgeon is certification. Don’t be fooled by professional designations that sound official. There is only one type of board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon with board certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Why Choose Dr. Thomas Wiener?

Dr. Wiener attended Baylor University as an undergraduate and earned his medical degree from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas. From there, he completed a number of specialty trainings in general surgery, hand surgery, microsurgery and plastic surgery. These credentials, coupled with his compassionate demeanor and ability to produce natural results, have earned him a reputation as one of the best face, body and breast surgeons Houston has to offer.

Houston Breast Augmentation Surgery

Dr. Wiener & his staff are great...I had a breast augmentation 2 months ago and i am very happy with with the results

- Breast Augmentation, 28 Years Old, 2 Children

What to Expect

Preparing for Surgery

Fill all your prescriptions, arrange for help during the first few days, and care for your health in the weeks prior to surgery.


Breast augmentation is performed under general anesthesia and takes several hours to complete. You will not remember much, if anything, about your procedure.


The procedure involves placing incisions through skin and tissue through which your plastic surgeon creates a pocket. The implants are placed and positioned into the pocket and the area stitched closed. The complexity of the procedure is based upon the unique needs of the patient.


Once the surgery is complete your new breasts will be bandaged, and a surgical compression bra placed to hold them stable and reduce swelling. You slowly become alert, and once fully awake, will be free to be transported home.

Houston Breast Augmentation Surgery

I am extremely happy with my breast augmentation! Dr. Wiener did an amazing job. If I could give this review more stars I would. His staff was very nice and welcoming. Dr. Wiener explained everything and answered all my questions he is very professional. I highly recommend him!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Long After Breast Augmentation Will I Have to Wait to Work Out?

Although it varies patient to patient, a general rule is that vigorous physical activity cannot be performed for about six weeks.

Q: When Can I Take Off the Surgical Bra and Wear a Regular Bra?

A: In most cases, you can expect to wear the surgical bra for about four weeks, although some patients may need to wear it longer. After that, you are free to wear any bra you like.

Q: How Long Will it Take for My Breasts to Look Normal?

It requires time for your new breasts to settle into place. In the early stages of healing, they may appear slightly uneven, but don’t worry. As time passes, they drop into place in the surgical pocket, the muscles relax, and they should be looking normal at about the three-month mark.

Q: How Long Do I Have to Wait to Have Sex?

As you will have to restrict your activities, you must avoid any activities that could shake, jar, or affect your breasts, so they heal as they should. Any sexual activity must very gentle during the first six weeks after surgery and should not be attempted in the first two to three weeks.

Q: Can I Breastfeed With Implants?

You should be able to breastfeed after augmentation, depending upon how the implants are placed. Inform your plastic surgeon if you plan to breastfeed in the future.

Other BreastAugmentation Options

Best Breast Augmentation in Houston

Other Options

Breast Augmentation With Lift

Many women undergo a combined procedure, a breast augmentation with lift. This dual procedure makes it possible for the newly-created breasts to be in a higher, more youthful position on the chest.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Natural fat transfer can increase breast size, but not significantly. While it does not involve implants, but only the harvest and transfer of your own fat cells, it may be appropriate for women who only want a modest increase in breast size.

Breast Revision Surgery

When an implant has ruptured, it must be replaced, calling for revision surgery. Other issues that may require breast revision surgery include changing implants to a different size, removing them altogether and reshaping natural tissue, or treating problems such as capsular contracture, or replacing older implants. The same incision sites are generally used, and the recovery is similar.

An Insider's Guide to Houston

Houston offers an array of activities to pursue during your breast augmentation journey.

Breast Augmentation Houston

The Houston Museum of Natural Science: With an amazing collection of mineral specimens, space station models, 60 large skeleton mounts – which include four Tyrannosaurus Rex and three large Quetzalcoatlus – a planetarium, and lots more to occupy the family for the day.

Best Breast Augmentation Houston

Discovery Green: Recently renovated, this almost 12 acre public city park is thought of by locals as a much needed urban oasis. Being very community spirited, offering free yoga classes, toddler story times as well as movie nights and regular concerts.

Breast Augmentation Houston

The Galleria: Modeled after Milan’s stunning Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, it is home to over 400+ high end stores, wonderful restaurants and food outlets.

Houston Breast Augmentation

TopGolf: A new kind of golf experience, offering flat-out family fun for any age or skill level. This innovative way of playing golf, where players hit microchipped golf balls at targets on an outfield is certainly a new way of enjoying the game.


Where to Eat

Best Breast Augmentation Houston

The Brennan’s of Houston Restaurant: Making great customer memories through fine dining in Houston, TX. New Orleans character & cuisine shine at this decadent eatery serving turtle soup, oysters & more.

Houston Breast Augmentation

The Breakfast Klub: A hotspot for diner-style American eats & stick-to-your-ribs soul food including chicken & waffles.

Best Breast Augmentation Surgeons Houston

Taste of Texas Restaurant: The be-all, end-all place to receive the perfect steak—hand selecting the finest quality Certified Angus Beef® steaks, Taste of Texas is home to one of the best steaks in Houston, TX.

Breast Augmentation Surgeons Houston

State of Grace: A polished American spot serving creative Texas dishes, oysters, grilled specialties & cocktails. To them life is about having fun, being with people you love, and eating good food.


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