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Dr. Wiener’s innovative tummy tuck in Houston technique is a cut above the rest. It beautifully sculpts and contours the abdomen – improving aesthetic outcomes and ensuring that our Houston clients enjoy a seamless surgical experience.

What is a no-drain tummy tuck?

A no-drain tummy tuck is an abdominoplasty that does not require drains. With a traditional tummy tuck, drains are placed to collect blood and other fluids for up to two weeks. In addition to being painful, caring for these devices is a burden when patients should be focused exclusively on resting and healing.

In removing drains from the equation, patients enjoy a host of benefits from our abdominoplasty, including:

  • A diminished risk of infection and complications
  • A tighter incision closure
  • Less visible scarring
  • A faster recovery

The contoured stomach you deserve…

After pregnancy, weight loss, and the natural aging process, many of our Houston tummy tuck patients find that their abdominal skin and muscles are permanently stretched. When this occurs, an abdominoplasty with Dr. Wiener can:

  • Sculpt a firm and flat abdomen
  • Tighten lax or separated stomach muscles
  • Boost your body confidence
  • Achieve your ideal body contour

Dr. Wiener: Leading the way in tummy tuck innovations

Dr. Wiener has left his mark on the no-drain tummy tuck. He modified the progressive tension suture technique used during this procedure, resulting in a number of advantages for our Houston abdmominpolasty patients, including:

  • Improved scars
  • Decreased risk of complications
  • Freedom for clients to stand straight after surgery, rather than needing to bend at the hips
  • The ability to avoid the use of post-operative drains

Dr. Wiener has published a paper about this modification that is titled, “Continuous Running Sutures: A Modification for Progressive Tension Abdominoplasty.” He has also spoken about the technique at the annual meeting of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

Your tummy tuck options

Depending on the amount of excess skin you’re having removed, there are a number of tummy tuck options available.


The mini tummy tuck is ideal for patients who are close to their ideal weight and only need to address flab below the naval. It involves a very small incision above the pelvic area and is associated with a short recovery time.


This is the most common type of tummy tuck requested by Dr. Wiener’s Houston patients. It involves a hip-to-hip incision and the repositioning of the naval. It is often combined with liposuction and allows for the removal of skin and fat throughout the belly.


If you also would like to remove “love handles,” an extended tummy tuck may be recommended. This procedure involves a lengthy incision that extends beyond the hips. Although the surgery is extensive, the scars will be undetectable when you’re wearing clothing and swimwear.

Your tummy tuck procedure

Here’s what to expect every step of the way during your Houston tummy tuck procedure with Dr. Wiener.

STEP 1: Administering the anesthesia

Your tummy tuck will be performed in Dr. Wiener’s AAAASF accredited in-office operating room in Houston, where a board-certified physician anesthesiologist will administer general anesthesia to ensure your comfort and safety. Dr. Wiener will also place special nerve blocks to reduce postoperative pain.

STEP 2: Creating the incisions

Dr. Wiener will create a horizontal incision just above your pubic region. The length of this cut will depend on how much skin and fat you’re removing. The mini tummy tuck requires the smallest incision, while the extended version requires the longest.

STEP 3: Sculpting lax muscles + unwanted fat

Through the incision, Dr. Wiener will separate your skin from the abdominal wall. He will then stitch your muscles together to produce a toned appearance and a narrow waist. From there, Dr. Wiener will remove fat from the area via liposuction or direct surgical excision.

STEP 4: Removing excess skin

Once your unwanted belly fat has been removed and your lax muscles have been tightened, Dr. Wiener will pull your skin taut and trim away the excess. In addition to achieving a tightened contour, this process often removes stretch marks as well.

STEP 5: Repositioning the naval

Unless you’re having a mini tummy tuck, your procedure will involve repositioning your naval so that it’s in a natural location on your new, flat abdomen. This process involves an incision around the belly button and creating a new hole for the belly button in the correct placement.

STEP 6: Closing the incisions

Once your ideal abdomen has been achieved, Dr. Wiener will close the incisions with progressive tension sutures. This technique secures the bottom of the abdominal fat pad to the muscle layer, which improves your scar and eliminates the need for drains.

When you wake upWhat to expect after surgery

After your no-drain tummy tuck in Houston, you will awaken in the recovery room where our team will monitor your progress closely. You will be free to return home shortly to begin the recovery period, with most of our Houston patients resuming sedentary work within a few days.

The scars

If you have a tummy tuck, some degree of scarring is inevitable. However, the length and severity of your post-surgical marks will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • The skill of your surgeon
  • The extent of your procedure and the technique used
  • Your diligence in following post-surgical care instructions

Dr. Wiener goes to great lengths to ensure discreet scars. In addition to carefully placing the incisions so that they are easily hidden with clothing and swimwear, his use of progressive tension sutures combined with the no-drain tummy tuck technique greatly improve and minimize unsightly marks. This is one of the many reasons he’s known for providing among the best tummy tuck in Houston

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If diet and exercise aren’t producing the flat abdomen you want, a tummy tuck with Dr. Wiener may be the answer. Contact our Clear Lake, TX office today to schedule an appointment and begin planning for your transformation.

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