Why have a breast lift done at the same time as breast implants?

istock 154894034 Women dissatisfied with the size, shape, and lift of their breasts may believe that breast augmentation is their only option. However, many women will benefit from a combination procedure with both a breast lift and breast implants. Here’s why! 

The breast lift procedure 

The breast lift surgery was designed for women who have experience sagging or drooping of the breasts. For some women, their breasts may also sag in a way that causes the nipples to point downward. With a breast lift, women can help in lifting the position of the breasts on the chest while repositioning the nipples when needed. Any excess skin can also be removed at this time. 

The breast augmentation procedure 

The breast augmentation surgery is performed to add volume and increase the size of the breast with breast implants. Implants may be saline or silicone, depending on the needs of the patient. With implants, the breasts can be increased by a cup size or two with the use of implants placed with precision to ensure a natural look. 

Combination procedure 

For women who are in need of both repositioning of the breasts and restoring volume, a combination of the breast lift and breast implants are used. This helps bring the breasts higher in the chest and repositions the nipple as needed, while leaving the remaining excess skin to accommodate the breast implant. This reduces the risk of stretching of the skin that can lead to stretch marks. Additionally, by combining the procedure, patients can avoid two different surgeries and extensive time off of work and social activities that can occur with separate procedures. Healing and recovery is much shorter by combining the two. And by visiting with an experienced plastic surgeon, patients can rest easy knowing that their procedure is handled by someone whom they can trust. 

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