What is recovery like after a tummy tuck?

As with any major plastic surgery procedure, a tummy tuck requires important steps in surgical recovery. The major early concerns are to promote good wound healing, to minimize the chance of a postoperative bleed, and to avoid deep venous thrombosis (blood clot in the veins).

Cosmetic surgery, as I perform it here in Houston with my extensive training, involves planning ahead for the days of your postop recovery. To minimize the chance of a blood clot, frequent walking around the house, even the day of surgery, is important. Lying in bed all the time is increasing the risk of this problem.

For good wound healing, I instruct patients to begin a high protein diet at least a couple of weeks prior to surgery, and to take vitamin C 500mg daily. Proper nutrition is vital to healing after a major surgery such as a no-drain tummy tuck.

Following restrictions, including no heavy lifting, avoiding exercise for a specified amount of time after surgery, and no straining, will help to lessen the chance of bleeding after surgery. Anything that might elevate blood pressure can causing postoperative bleeding to occur.

Following your tummy tuck postoperative instructions can make for a smoother, safer recovery.

Q: How long do I have to stay off work after a tummy tuck?

A: On average 2 weeks depending on the type of work you do. Many patients go back to work sooner if someone else drives them.

Q: When can I start exercising again after a tummy tuck?

A: On average, 6-8 weeks.

Q: Is there a lot of pain after a tummy tuck?

A: Now that I do special nerve blocks at the time of the tummy tuck, there is typically fairly mild pain. The most common reason for more pain is actually gas pain caused by the intestines being squeezed into a smaller area after the muscle repair.

Q: How soon after a tummy tuck can I resume sexual activity?

A: Because sexual activity is similar to exercise, 6-8 weeks to minimize complications.

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