What does a breast reduction actually do?

A breast reduction is a an operation done in my Houston office surgical suite for reduction in size and to improve other symptoms and problems. A breast reduction doesn’t just simply reduce the breast size. It also reshapes the breast and reduces the areola size.

A breast lift and breast reduction are the same operation, the only difference is that in a breast reduction, more tissue and skin are removed.

There are many types of breast reductions, each with its own scar pattern. The most common type is called the Wise-pattern, which is the familiar anchor shaped pattern of scars. This is a very reliable method and gives consistent results, and therefore, it is the type of reduction I typically do.

After the reduction is done, my objective is to have a somewhat flat appearance to the lower half of the breast, as can be seen in the 6 week postop photo here. The reason for this is that the skin and tissues are elastic, and over the first 8-12 months, there will be stretching. If the flat appearance was not present at 6 weeks, then when the tissues had relaxed and stretched, after a number of months, the bottom of the breasts would be too full.

I perform the operation under general anesthesia, known as total intravenous anesthesia, which increases the safety of the surgery. I also use nerve blocks at the time of surgery and this provides significant pain control, so that most patients have very little discomfort afterwards


Dr. Wiener and his staff are amazing!! I had breast reduction surgery on July 8, 2019 with little to no pain. I couldn’t ask for more perfect results!! Everything went great from my consultation through my recovery. I highly recommend his services.




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