Treatment for tuberous breasts

rgauj2ca Women’s breasts come in many different shapes and sizes. However, women who have smaller breasts that have a certain deformity may be self-conscious about the appearance of their chest. Certain deformities, such as Tuberous Breast Deformity (TBD), is a congenital condition that can cause the breast tissues to develop in a way that is not traditional. This abnormality is not just referenced by small breast size. Tuberous breasts are actually different in structure than a normally developed breast. Some common characteristics of tuberous breasts include:

  • Breasts that have enlarged or “puffy” areolas
  • Wide spacing between the breasts
  • Minimal amounts of breast tissue present
  • Narrow base against the chest wall
  • Positioning higher than the standard breast fold
  • Breast tissue herniating into the nipple
  • Inability to breastfeed due to underdeveloped milk glands

In addition, many women who deal with TBD may also feel self-conscious about their appearance to the point that it may impact their personal, romantic relationships.

What can be done for women with tuberous breasts?

Women in the area of Houston, TX who meet with a plastic surgeon such as Dr. Thomas Wiener can learn about tehri options for treatment of TBD. Women who want to improve the size and appearance of their breasts will often benefit from both a breast lift and a breast augmentation procedure. Implants alone cannot correct this procedure, so having a skilled plastic surgeon is important to ensure the most natural results. In some instances, women may require several surgeries to get the results they desire. Breast augmentation and lift with a board-certified plastic surgeon will provide women with a solution to this deformity and help them rebuild their self-esteem and confidence. Women can consult with their doctor to decide which procedure is right for them, and take the steps necessary to feel more womanly than ever before!

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