The benefits of breast reduction surgery for women

240 f 101108384 r2xmw2idmcn45jitwwxw1l4debxtgcuo When Houston, TX women think of breast procedures with a plastic surgeon, their mind often jumps to more traditional surgeries such as breast augmentation. Breast augmentation increases the size of the breasts with implants to offer a more feminine contour. However, women who have larger breasts may experience a variety of issues that can impact their confidence and health. These women are better suited for procedures such as breast reduction, available at Thomas Wiener Plastic Surgery.

What is breast reduction?

Instead of increasing the size of the natural breasts, breast reduction will reduce the overall size of the breasts. Excess breast tissue and skin can be removed during plastic surgery to bring the breasts down to a more manageable size. This is especially important for women who deal with problems related to their breast size.

Why might a woman choose breast reduction?

There are various reasons why a patient might considering having their breast size reduced. Below are just a few cases in which patients may be well-suited for this procedure:

  • The breast size inhibits patients from participating in certain activities such as exercise
  • The breast size puts extra weight on the back and shoulders, causing neck, shoulder, and back pain
  • The breast size attracts the wrong kind of attention, making women feel self-conscious about their appearance
  • The breast size makes it difficult to find underwear and clothing that fit properly and support the breasts
  • The breast size can cause skin irritation underneath that can become bothersome

Who is a candidate?

Any woman who wants to reduce the size of her breasts can speak to Dr. Thomas Wiener about undergoing breast reduction surgery. We perform this treatment on adults whose breasts are at their peak size. Women who are pregnancy or breastfeeding may not be an appropriate candidate until they have delivered their baby or have stopped breastfeeding.

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