Recovery tips following the tummy tuck procedure

Portrait of young handsome muscular Persian man shirtless and looking macho against view of the city Getting a tummy tuck is an exciting time for men and women who have struggled with excess fat and skin in the stomach. However, many patients have a lot of questions about how to bounce back quickly after their surgery. As with any surgery, there is a period of time needed where rest and relaxation needs to occur to allow the body to properly heal. Dr. Thomas Wiener of Houston, TX is a plastic surgeon who educates patients on what to expect after their procedure, and the steps patients can take to facilitate faster recovery. 

What are some tips for a speedy recovery from the tummy tuck surgery? 

Dr. Thomas Wiener works regularly with patients who ask about ways to facilitate faster healing following their abdominoplasty. Below are a few tips to help patients get back to their normal activities sooner: 

  • Stay hydrated to reduce swelling in the stomach area
  • Maintain a healthy diet, which over time will ensure maintenance of the final results
  • Listen to your body and take it easy during the first few weeks following the procedure
  • Schedule your follow-up appointment to ensure you are healing as expected
  • Look for signs of infection or other complications and notify your doctor immediately if spotted
  • Consider lymphatic drainage massage to help facilitate faster healing
  • Understand full healing following the tummy tuck can take several months
  • Don’t jump back into activities such as exercising without approval/clearance from your plastic surgeon
  • Sleep on your back with the upper body elevated to sleep comfortably after your procedure
  • Wear a compression garment as directed by your doctor
  • Keep moving to prevent blood clots while avoiding activities that cause straining such as heavy lifting

Are you considering the tummy tuck procedure? 

Don’t let post-operative recovery scare you from having this procedure done, as many men and women wish they had done it sooner! Dr. Thomas Wiener of Houston, TX is a plastic surgeon pleased to offer body procedures for adults ready to improve their appearance and boost their self-confidence. Call the office at (281) 488-5795 to request an appointment at 2323 Clear Lake City Boulevard, Suite #152.




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