Reasons Why You Might Need Your Breast Implants Replaced

Woman in white bra covering her small breast with her hands Breast augmentation is a way for women to add volume and size to their breasts by placing silicone, saline, or gummy bear implants. It is one of the most popular body plastic surgeries performed in America today. However, there are situations that may arise in which you may need to contact Dr. Thomas Wiener of Houston, TX, to have your implants removed or replaced.

What Are Some Common Reasons To Have Your Breast Implants Replaced?

Below is a list of the more common reasons and situations that can occur in which you may want to consider having your breast implants removed and replaced:

  • Changing the size of the implant. Some women find that after they have their procedure done, they are unhappy with the size of their breast implant. They may want their breasts smaller or larger. Revision surgery is a personal choice that should be discussed with your plastic surgeon.
  • The breasts are starting to droop. While the breasts naturally sit higher on the chest in younger women, they tend to sag as the skin becomes more relaxed. Significant changes in the body, such as rapid weight loss and weight gain, can also affect the look of the breasts. In situations such as this, the implants may be replaced, or the patient might consider the benefits of a breast lift.
  • Capsular contracture. A complication that can arise with breast implants is that of capsular contracture, where scarring can cause hardened tissues around the implant that causes unevenness, tenderness, and discomfort. Though the risk is low, it can happen and may result in the removal and replacement of an implant.
  • Implants have deflated or ruptured. Saline implants have a risk of deflation or rupturing, and this may spur the need for implant removal or replacement.

How Do I Learn More About Breast Implant Replacement?

Whether you’ve had your breast implants for a while now or are new to your feminine changes and are interested in learning more about the replacement of your implants, call Dr. Thomas Wiener of Houston, TX, at 281-488-5795. He is an experienced and skilled plastic surgeon in the area who focuses on providing body procedures for both men and women and finds that breast implant removal and replacement is oftentimes necessary at some point.




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