Preparing for Surgery

Surgery and recovery is a major stress on the body, and getting the body into optimum condition is necessary to decrease risks. Even a procedure such as breast augmentation is a major surgery and certain issues can greatly affect the outcome.

1. Diet. A high protein diet started a few weeks prior to surgery and continued for six weeks after is needed. As the body heals and forms new tissue and scar, much of this requires protein. This should be in the form of lean meats such as fish, chicken, eggs, etc., and eating them in more than one meal per day. Protein supplements are not a substitute for a high protein diet.

2. Stopping any unnecessary medications and over the counter substances. Any non-essential medications may need to be stopped after review at your consultation. Also, over the counter herbs, diet pills, many vitamins and supplements, energy drinks, anti-inflammatories such as aspirin, motrin, aleve, all steroid medications including over the counter nasal sprays such as nasonex, flonase, and other brands need to be stopped as most of these are blood thinners and the steroids can cause serious wound healing problems. These need to be stopped two weeks prior to surgery.

3. Nicotine, marijuana, and inhaled substances. Certain procedures such as tummy tuck, breast lift, and breast reduction require all nicotine and inhaled substances to be stopped two months prior to surgery. The nicotine can cause serious tissue loss and even substances such as marijuana have high tar and other components that can compromise tissue.

4. Optimum weight. Overall body condition affects wound healing and risks of anesthesia. Approaching an ideal body weight is helpful to reduce these problems.

Getting your body into the best condition possible can lead to an improved outcome and can lower risks of surgery.




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