Mommy Makeover and Mother’s Day

Being a mother presents many challenges, one of which is the change that pregnancy can cause the body. This is a common concern that I hear from patients in doing consultations. Some of these changes that occur with pregnancy include loss of breast volume, breast sagging, tummy bulging, and weight gain from pregnancy itself. Many of these issues can be improved, but of course some of the changes are permanent to some degree. The basis for a good outcome and long lasting result is to make sure that you have returned to good eating habits with proper nutrition and also a consistent exercise program of both aerobic and weight training.

What is a Mommy Makoever surgery?

Our mommy makeover in Houston is a custom blend of procedures designed to recapture your pre-pregnancy figure. The vast majority of mommy makeovers include a tummy tuck, breast surgery and a body contouring procedure.


Some of the concerns that occur after pregnancy, such as weight gain, especially if this is localized and not improved by exercise and good eating habits, can be improved through liposuction. And common areas include the stomach area, the love handle area, which I call the hips, and also the thigh area. If there has been stretching of the skin over the stomach and also the underlying muscle and if you are no longer planning on having children, then a tummy tuck can be done to tighten the muscle wall and also to remove excess skin.

Breast Volume

For the breasts, a loss of volume can be improved with breast implants. I use Sientra silicone gel implants which are Gummy Bear implants. This also includes the newer highly cohesive Gummy Bear implant which can help to maintain more volume in the upper part of the implant in a standing position. If sagging has developed with or without loss of volume, a breast lift can be done. Importantly however, understanding what sagging is and is not and what a lift does and does not do is vital to a successful outcome. Sagging is not the position of the breast on the chest, it is the position of the nipple on the breast. And a breast lift, even though it is called a breast lift, does not lift the breast, it only raises the nipple higher on the breast itself. There is no way to raise the breast higher on the chest. With a consultation, these issues can be evaluated, and improvements can potentially be made based on the concerns that you have.  For more information regarding Plastic Surgery in Houston or any other cosmetic surgery questions, visit our blog page!




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