I’ve got capsular contracture. What do I do?

Q. What is capsular contracture?

A. Capsular contracture is abnormal hardening of the scar tissue capsule that surrounds the breast implant.

Q. What causes capsular contracture?

A. It is not absolutely proven what causes contracture after breast augmentation, but the main theory is that it is caused by bacteria that adhere to the outside of the breast implant.

Q. What happens to my breast if I develop capsular contracture?

A. There can be a spectrum of problems such as mild firmness, all the way to severe hardening of the breast with deformity and the implant being displaced higher and inward on the chest typically.

Q. How does Dr. Wiener treat contracture?

A. For mild cases, aggressive massage of the breast and implant are done. When it becomes more severe, surgery to remove the scar tissue capsule and exchange of the implant is performed.

Q. Is there a way to prevent capsular contracture?

A. There are ways to reduce, although not necessarily eliminate the risk of contracture. Dr. Wiener has published extensively in the literature regarding his methods of reducing the chance of capsular contracture.

Q. What is the chance of developing capsular contracture?

A. The national risk is approximately 10-40%. In Dr. Wiener’s experience, and with his research and publication of methods to reduce contracture, his incidence of contracture is less than 1%.

Following your plastic surgeon’s recommendations, and making sure that your plastic surgeon uses all techniques that have been shown to reduce contracture, can greatly reduce the chance of developing this problem which can require surgery to attempt to correct.




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