How to sleep after a tummy tuck

img 0720 3 Getting a good night’s rest is a critical part of the recovery process following any surgical procedure. It allows the body to heal while also reducing the risk of complications such as infection. With our team of professionals, patients can discuss their aftercare instructions. One of the more common questions we hear from patients who have recently had abdominoplasty is, how can I sleep comfortably, and safely, after a tummy tuck? 

Sleeping as part of the recovery process 

Getting enough sleep is critical to helping patients heal following plastic surgery, and also assists with patients feeling well-rested each day. During sleep, the blood flow in the abdominal area increases to help in supplying nutrients and oxygen. This is vital to recovering and repairing damaged tissue after the tummy tuck procedure, and also regenerating new skin cells for reducing visible scarring. The deeper stages of sleep can also release growth hormones known to stimulate the repair of the abdominal muscles and release hormones that regular inflammation. 

How can I sleep comfortably? 

There are a few things to take note on regarding sleeping after the tummy tuck procedure: 

  • If you are a tummy or side sleeper, practice sleeping on your back approximately one week prior to surgery to get used to this sleeping position during the healing process.
  • Consider sleeping on a recliner which will ensure you stay on your back throughout the night. It is the safest way to sleep and keep the upper part of the body elevated while reducing damage to the stitches.
  • Add extra pillows to help prop the upper body and keep it elevated.
  • Wear compression garments at night and during the day as directed by Dr. Thomas Wiener.
  • Take pain medication as required to significantly reduce inflammation and discomfort. This can also help in ensuring you get a good night’s rest.

Discuss the healing and recovery process following abdominoplasty 

Dr. Thomas Wiener of Houston, TX can help walk patients through the recommendations made to ensure patients recovery quickly and appropriately from this and other plastic surgeries. If you are interested in abdominoplasty or other surgeries available at his office, call (281) 488-5795 to make an appointment. He is open to new patients in his practice seeking surgical interventions to improve the body and their confidence! 




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