How to choose the proper size breast implant for your body

civ29sa If you are considering getting breast implants, you likely have a lot of questions that you want to ask your plastic surgeon. One of the most common concerns is the size of implant to get that will look best on your body. Many women are uneasy about going too small and not having the results they desire, or going too large and having unnatural breasts that do not properly fit their frame. Dr. Thomas Wiener and his team in Houston, Texas are here to help patients understand the best way to select a proper implant size for their procedure.

Understanding volume and diameter

First and foremost, patients will want to understand that breast implant sizes are not the same as bra cup sizes. Instead, breast implants are measured by volume in CCs or MMs. Patients must also understand that the diameter of the breast implant will also impact its projection. By working with an experienced plastic surgeon, women can choose a breast implant volume and diameter that best suits their needs.

Round versus teardrop shape

Breast implants also have teardrop or round shapes. The rounded implants offer women a more symmetrical shape that gives fullness consistently around the entire breast, while a teardrop implant will add more fullness below the nipple and less above. The teardrop breast implant offers a more natural appearance to the breast, but the rounded one offers more fullness for a more dramatic improvement to the breast size and shape.

What should I consider when choosing my breast implant size and shape?

Below are a few things that need to be factored in when deciding on the best type of implant for your upcoming procedure:

  • Size and shape of current breasts
  • Natural body shape/frame size
  • Sagging or drooping of current breasts
  • Amount of natural breast tissue
  • Personal lifestyle
  • Physical activities
  • Dramatic vs. natural look desired

Interested in breast augmentation?

Speak with Dr. Thomas Wiener and his team to determine the best implant size for your body. Call (281) 488-5795 today and request your visit. During the initial consultation appointment, women can decide if this procedure is right for them and work with their doctor in choosing the implant type and size appropriate for achieving their desired results.




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