How to choose an implant size for breast augmentation

Woman with perfect breasts in black bra on black background With breast augmentation, women who are unhappy with the balance or overall size of their breasts are able to achieve a more attractive appearance. This in turn can boost positive self-esteem and confidence. However, a question many women ask as they consider these types of treatments is how to achieve a natural finished result. With the help of Dr. Thomas Wiener, women can choose the correct size implant for their body and feel satisfied with the option they selected. 

How to choose an implant size for breast augmentation 

While women may want larger breasts, they may be unsure as to how large is “too large.” This is where Dr. Thomas Wiener of Houston, TX can assist. He works directly with women to help them in choosing an implant that is the right size for their body’s balance and harmony. Breasts that are too large may attract the wrong type of attention, not match the patient’s natural body frame, and may even result in complications such as neck, back and shoulder pain. 

To choose the right size of implant, patients will first need to schedule a consultation appointment and initial evaluation with Dr. Thomas Wiener. He can help patients not only select the right type of implant, but an implant size that works with the patient’s unique body structure. In most cases, women will be able to achieve their desired results by using an implant that adds a cup size or two to their current breasts. This can ensure a natural look while adding volume where it is needed. 

Learn more about breast augmentation preparations 

Houston, TX area women thinking about undergoing breast procedures such as breast augmentation need to take time to speak to a professional about their desires and determine if they are good candidates. At Thomas Weiner Plastic Surgery, women can take time to talk to a plastic surgeon about their future desires and the procedures that can meet their needs. Call (281) 488-5795 to discuss this and other possible body surgeries that are used for enhancement of the contours. The office is located in Suite #152 at 2323 Clear Lake City Boulevard.   




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