How Do I Pick Out the Correct Size of Breast Implant for My Augmentation Procedure?

woman in silver bra against a white background Women who are considering enlarging their breasts with an implant may be unsure as to how to go about picking the size of implant necessary to achieve their goals. Dr. Thomas Wiener and his team in Houston, TX can help!

Below are a few of the more common tips and recommendations for women to consider when they are selecting their implants with our plastic surgeon:

  • View before and after photos. Start by looking at before and after photos of other women with similar body types who have had breast augmentation surgery. This can help to give you an idea of what size implant may work best for your body shape and size.
  • Consider your lifestyle and activity level when making your selection. If you are active or plan on being more active, you may want to select a smaller implant to ensure that it stays in place during strenuous activities. Conversely, if you lead a relatively sedentary lifestyle, then larger implants may be suitable for you if you desire them.
  • Think about more natural results. Discuss the various implant shapes available with Dr. Wiener and his team so that they can help determine which style will provide the most natural-looking result for you.
  • Consider your body frame. If you have a small body frame, larger breasts may not be in harmony with the rest of your body and may cause them to appear as obvious breast implants.
  • Trust your doctor. Most importantly, trust your surgeon’s experience and recommendations. Dr. Thomas Wiener has years of experience in breast augmentation surgery and can help guide you to the correct size implant that will best suit YOU!

Call Today to Request a Consultation Visit With Our Team To Learn More About Breast Implant Selection!

At Thomas Wiener Plastic Surgery in Houston, TX, we ensure that all of our patients achieve their ideal look with a safe and successful procedure! If you have any specific questions about the process or how to select the correct size of implant for your breast augmentation, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Thomas Wiener and his professional staff today! The office is located in Houston and is open to new and returning patients who call 281-488-5795 to request a consultation.




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