Five reasons why men choose gynecomastia surgery

istock 658008920 Approximately six out of 10 men in the United States will be affected by gynecomastia, the medical term for excess breast tissue in males. This condition can be incredibly embarrassing for men, and can develop with time regardless of a man’s age. Excess fat and tissue in the breasts of a male can result in body contours that are not as masculine as patients would prefer. This is why our team of professionals at Thomas Wiener Plastic Surgery in Houston, TX suggest that men visit a plastic surgeon to learn more about procedures that can help with gynecomastia.

Why do men choose to undergo gynecomastia surgery?

  • They are unable to alleviate the excess tissue and fat with improved diet and exercise
  • They are self-conscious about the appearance of their chest and its feminine appearance
  • They are on certain medications that may cause them to experience gynecomastia
  • They have breasts that are noticeable even when wearing clothing to cover the area
  • They want to feel comfortable in their own skin

What is done for gynecomastia?

The gynecomastia procedure is an outpatient surgery that is performed with a combination of liposuction and skin removal. First, liposuction is used to remove unwanted fat from the breast area. The doctor may also manually remove breast tissue and glands that may also be contributing to the appearance of a larger chest. Once this has been done, the surgeon will remove any excess skin that may have formed due to the increased size of the breasts. Once this has been done, the area is sutured. If the nipple or areola area needs to be repositioned, this is also done at the same time. The doctor will perform incisions in inconspicuous areas to reduce the appearance of scarring, such as around the areola, underneath the breast crease, or in the underarms.

Learn more about gynecomastia surgery

Men in the Houston, TX area considering surgical intervention to address excess breast tissue and fat are welcome to book an appointment with Dr. Thomas Wiener by calling (281) 488-5795. Our practice is conveniently located at 2323 Clear Lake City Boulevard in Suite #152 and is readily available to help with surgical—and nonsurgical—solutions for the body.




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