Addressing sagging breasts with the breast lift procedure

Cropped half turned closeup photo womans breast dressed in white bra It is not uncommon for women to experience changes to their breasts throughout their lifetime. Significant weight fluctuations that go alongside pregnancy and breastfeeding can leave the breasts sagging and lacking youthful volume. While many women think that breast implants can fix the issue, many will find that the breast lift procedure itself can address some of these concerns. In fact, some patient will have the breast lift performed in conjunction with a breast augmentation to add implants for volume and size enchantment.

What is the breast lift procedure?

During the breast lift procedure, the youthful position of the breasts on the chest is restored. The procedure removes any excess skin that might be causing the sagging of the breasts, and will reposition the nipple and areola if needed for a natural-looking repair. During the initial consultation appointment with Dr. Thomas Wiener, women are encouraged to talk to him about the specific results they would like to achieve. They may choose to move forward with the breast lift itself, or integrate implants for both breast lift and augmentation. This can boost the size, shape, and volume of the breasts, as well as a patient’s self-confidence.

Why choose the breast lift procedure?

When younger, many women have perky, high, and voluminous breasts. Over time, due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight changes, and aging, the breasts may begin to naturally sag. While certain bras can lift and improve cleavage, many women want a more permanent solution so they can feel confident in any situation where they may be showing more skin. The breast lift procedure can reposition the breasts and nipples for a lifted and younger look to the chest.

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Houston, TX women who are interested in enhancing their breasts after weight changes, pregnancy, or aging will want to speak to a plastic surgeon who provides body procedures. Dr. Thomas Wiener and his team are here to help with the breast lift treatment. Find out if you are a proper candidate for the breast lift procedure by calling the office at (281) 488-5795 to request an appointment at 2323 Clear Lake City Boulevard, Suite #152.




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