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The breasts are a cornerstone of your femininity. If they are too small, flat or misshapen, it can have a damaging effect on your confidence and self-esteem.

If you want to enhance the shape and size of your breasts with one of the best in plastic surgery Houston has to offer, schedule a breast augmentation in Houston with leading plastic surgeon, Dr. Thomas Wiener, can sculpt perky curves that look and feel at home on your body.

Sagging, asymmetrical breasts can develop for many reasons, from weight fluctuations to the natural aging process to breastfeeding and pregnancy.

When this occurs, simply placing an implant isn’t sufficient – you need to trim away excess skin and elevate drooping tissue from the inside out with a breast lift.

Reducing the size of heavy, cumbersome breasts is a complex task. As much as women want to relieve the pain and discomfort associated with a large chest, they also want to retain their youthful, feminine identity.

Fortunately, the two objectives aren’t mutually exclusive at Dr. Wiener’s Houston plastic surgery office. He can reduce the size of your breasts so that they are much more manageable – but still just as full and feminine as ever.

If you want to change the shape and size of your implants, or if you’ve developed a post - surgical complication, you may require a revision. This procedure tends to be more delicate than the primary plastic surgery due to the presence of scar tissue and other issues.

As such, you will need to be highly selective in choosing a plastic surgeon – and be sure you go with a physician who has a proven track record of success with complex revision procedures.

Dr. Wiener & his staff are great...I had a breast augmentation 2 months ago and i am very happy with with the results
- Breast Augmentation, 28 Years Old, 2 Children


Dr. Thomas Wiener is Board-certified and one of the best plastic surgeons Houstonhas to offer. He performs an array of cosmetic procedures for his clients – and is particularly sought after for his expertise in breast surgery and tummy tucks.

He is known throughout Texas as a top plastic surgeon serving Houston and its surrounding areas not only with his impressive qualifications and aesthetic results – but also for his kind and compassionate demeanor. He invests time and energy in getting to know his clients and listening to their problems so that he can change their lives with arguably the best results in plastic surgery Houston has to offer. Dr. Wiener »


Dr. Wiener has created an assortment of original videos that are designed to educate our Houston clients about their procedures and give them the information they need to make informed, empowered decisions about their cosmetic surgery enhancements.

Watch Video »


Our state-of- the-art Houston, TX cosmetic surgery office is second to none. Not only is it beautifully furnished with high-end décor – but it is also equipped with cutting-edge technology and the latest surgical advancements. And, for maximum convenience and safety, all of our procedures are performed in our AAAASF accredited in-office operating room.

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Confidence is Queen

Not your average tummy tuck. As one of the top plastic surgeons in Houston, Dr. Wiener’s approach to the abdominoplasty eliminates the need for painful, high-maintenance drains after surgery – allowing him to sculpt a flat and firm abdomen in a way that minimizes recovery time and improves post-surgical scarring for our Houston clients.

Tummy Tuck »

In performing liposuction for the men and women of Houston, Dr. Wiener embraces the tumescent technique. This approach involves injecting the treatment area with a large volume of fluid and medication to swell the fat cells so that he can easily isolate and remove substantial amounts of unwanted flab.

Liposuction »

Flabby upper arms are notoriously difficult to target with exercise alone. If you have been unable to sculpt the arms you want at the gym, a specialized lift with Dr. Wiener in Clear Lake, TX can firm, tone and improve definition in this key area.

Arm Lift »

A mommy makeover is a custom blend of procedures that are designed with one goal in mind: to restore your pre-baby body.

Whether you’re struggling with bulging contours, sagging breasts, stubborn fat or stretch marks after pregnancy and nursing, a mommy makeover with Dr. Wiener in Pearland, TX can address these issues and help you feel like yourself again.

Mommy Makeover »

Face & Eyes

Shift Your Focus

With age, it’s very common to develop lines and wrinkles in the forehead and brow area. A well-done lift with our experienced plastic surgeon in Houston can minimize these effects and restore your youthful expression.

Brow Lift »

The delicate eye area is often the first to betray your age. If you’re beginning to see crow’s feet, crepey skin and puffy eyes far before you’re ready, eyelid surgery can create a smooth and youthful contour.

Eyelid Surgery »

A new chin can transform your face. By increasing the prominence, size and projection of your chin, you can strengthen your jawline, beautify your profile and create a more attractive and balanced overall appearance.

Chin Augmentation »


expose yourself

BOTOX is the gold-standard, non-surgical treatment for dynamic wrinkles around the eyes and forehead. It works by temporarily blocking the muscles that cause facial lines, thus softening surface imperfections and relaxing your expression.

Botox & Dysport »

Juvederm XC is a long-lasting dermal filler that temporarily diminishes smile lines, minimizes marionette lines, and smooths vertical lip lines for up to one year. It’s a highly effective, non-surgical way to take years off your appearance.

Juvederm Ultra XC »

Fine lines and wrinkles aren’t the only signs that the aging process has begun. Flat, hollow cheeks is another – and it can make you look years older than you feel. Juvederm Voluma XC is FDA-approved to restore volume to the mid-face region, sculpting youthful cheekbones that can endure up to two years.

Juvederm Voluma XC »


As one of the best plastic surgeons in Houston, Dr. Wiener’s number one priority is keeping his clients safe. He simply will not perform a procedure if it is unsafe, unnecessary or not in your best interest.

Additionally, all of his surgeries are performed in our state-of- the-art AAAASF accredited in-office operating room, where anesthesia is administered by board-certified physician anesthesiologists. We have invested heavily in safety throughout our practice so that our clients can trust that their well-being will never be compromised and we can deliver among the best results in plastic surgery Houston has available. About Dr. Wiener »

feel beautiful, knowing your results are long lasting with safety first

Dr. Thomas Wiener, MD, FACS is a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in Breast Augmentation, Breast Revision, Liposuction,
and Mommy Makeover.Dr. Wiener serves the Houston, Clear Lake, and Pearland, Texas areas.

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